Sichuan normal university in 2012 solid reception of Japanes

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Hand in hand under the blue sky Sow the mood
- "the international understanding education, high school students friendly exchanges between China and Japan week" activity
In today's global integration, as China's economic comprehensive market, economic, political, and social life of each level, great changes have taken place in China and Japan gradually recovering and increasingly deepening of contacts, the cultural exchanges between the two countries are also rising, learn from each other have also been more and more people's attention. Therefore, spread the excellent culture of the Chinese nation, enhancing Japan's new generation of the understanding of Chinese culture and promote the exchanges of china-japan friendship has become the efforts to achieve internationalization, modernization the bounden duty of the school and responsibility. School will make full use of their own advantages, actively develop the international understanding education, high school students friendly exchanges between China and Japan week "activities. Go all out to prepare for high school students friendly exchanges between China and Japan to work, to ensure the successful communication.
First, the guiding ideology
Cultivate our students on the basis of the national main body of the cultural identity, respect, learn about other countries, the basic spirit of the national, regional, cultural, and the wind lodge habits, study and grasp people's equal exchanges with other countries, national, regional, training and skills to get along, explore the universal values, different religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds of the nation, the people of the country, the region between the mutual understanding and tolerance, foster a good, equality, justice, love, tolerance, intelligent, honest, good qualities such as able to correctly understand and deal with the competition at the same time, in the cooperation and competition in the 21st century a new generation.
Second, the actions required
1, to carry out series of education activities, to cultivate students with international vision of Chinese.
2, guides the student to carry out the "big see Japan" activities, collect about Japan's local conditions and customs, scenic spots, such as diet culture interest related information, communicate with Japanese students, and compared with China's relevant aspects understanding, enhance mutual understanding and tolerance.
3, enthusiastic, friendly, civilized, polite, fully embody sichuan normal university real teachers and students a good spirit.
Three, organization
1, the leading group
Group: long wu yuan
Deputy team leader: song yu Huang Dagang Xu Fengying
Member: RanZhenPing Zhao bing Luo Jihui SheXiaoLin Yang boat Deng Xiaoling
2, implementation team
Commander: Huang Dagang, fully responsible for the implementation of sichuan normal university real standing outside work students friendly exchanges between China and Japan.
Don't set:
(1) coordination to external affairs unit, (Xu Fengying soldier SheXiaoLin Yang zhao boat), to be responsible for coordination of each link cohesion; Is responsible for organizing the implementation of the communication link of reception work; Specific to carry out the investigation and the examination and approval of home stay family and home stay family pair arrangement.
(2) the training set (zhao soldier Liu haiyan), shall be responsible for the organization of the teachers, students and parents home stay family of international etiquette, the special training of sino-japanese relations.
(3) you (zhang rui Zhao Lang yu), is responsible for the relevant program rehearsal and organizational performance, welcoming ceremony.
Folk dance, street dance each one (a total of 6 minutes)
(4) course group (RanZhenPing Deng Xiaoling), responsible for the arrangement of the Japanese students to participate in lectures, course preparation. (high school English class section)
(5) HouQinZu (Luo Jihui Korea Vivian Zhang is very high), to be responsible for logistics service hardware security, scene layout, photography, home stay family identification badges, shuttle vehicle arrangement work.
Fourth, do arrangement

Home stay family declare
Day period Time content Responsibility division (people) place
On March 6 Before 12:00 Home stay family declare Grade group  
On March 7 1030 Home stay family declare audit Student affairs office The student affairs office
On March 7 Before 12:00 To carry out the home stay family, complete information on registration, and be submitted to international education exchange center in chengdu Student affairs office The student affairs office
The early stage of the training
Time The training object The training content Guest speaker place
On March 14 at 9:30 All the teachers and students "The international understanding education, high school students friendly exchanges between China and Japan week" launching ceremony ZhaoBing The playground
On March 14 "in the afternoon One, two teachers and students Relations between China and Japan, cherish peace and create the future WangQian Three LouJie teach
On March 16 at 2:30 in the afternoon Parents, students home stay family Pairing, safety matters Huang Dagang The teacher on the fourth floor conference room
March 19 High school students, the school teachers The international etiquette education outside Three LouJie teach
Japanese students to school reception work
place Time head content
Sichuan normal university real finally, jinsha ruins museum Friday, March 23 most LiuHaiYan School reception, organize the students in our school reception Japanese students off at school. Luggage in room 107.
1430-1450 ZhaoLiangYu Welcome ceremony, pairing ceremony (school leaders welcome speech, program performance, the Japanese team leader delivered a speech, exchange gifts, student pair)
1450-1530 Deng xiaoling Reception, class organization Japanese students to the classroom participation in class (English lesson)
1530-1550 ZhaoLiangYu Visit reception, organize reception students according to the default route guide Japanese students to visit the school
1550-1700 Zhao Bing Organization of china-japan friendship pairing students visit the jinsha ruins museum
17:00 Home stay family transition reception, answer the Japanese students go home
Home stay family Night on March 23 parents Japanese students live home stay family, talk to each other, the home stay family activities
On March 24
all day on Saturday

The teacher in charge
Home stay family activities, the activities of the Japanese students all arranged by their visit family (requires 24 schools contact get in touch with home stay family respectively, understand the safety and activity)
Sichuan normal university real outside
On March 25
ZhaoBing To send students back to school
On March 25
The school sent Japanese students heading to the airport

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