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One, from teachers of understanding

Chengdu bureau of education in 1990 issued "on the decision of the recognition of chengdu outstanding young teacher", by the end of 2010, selected in the city a total of more than 2000 outstanding young teachers. In 2003, researchers at the institute of education science of chengdu took three years to do a very meaningful work: "chengdu outstanding young teacher growth pattern", "youth poetry" as the title, research monographs published. After I read carefully, has moved, is education.

Book named "youth poetry", of course, there are inherent reasons, plain rich content, look at my side, remember to write down some beautiful verse:

To do a teacher, is the ideal my childhood; Three feet platform, is the heaven of my dreams.

(17 middle school of chengdu Zhong Mengxian)

I want to grow up with the students, like a tree, its roots in the pad, the more shade also to others. (21 middle school of chengdu Chen) when a person, as long as passionate about what they are engaged in is just like sailing boat found the lighthouse in the sea. (primary school district innocence MeiGuFen)

When I reel off the names of all the students. Students were shocked and thought that I did not see its person, but to a first-name basis, that admire the vision I introduced their souls.

(people north of chengdu railway a disco page)

Choose the sea spray, eagle chose the blue sky, the stars chose the sky, the grass chose the earth. I chose - early childhood education, this is my regretless choice leads to pride for the rest of my life.

(the third kindergarten of chengdu Hu xin)

It is because the "heart", I just devote myself to love students; It is because the "heart", I'm full of passion at work; It is because the "heart", I very respect my colleagues; It is because the "heart", I didn't pay attention to the training the children live a positive state of mind, positive attitude -- "heart" to live well, "the heart" to serve the society. (sichuan normal university affiliated middle school Jiang Xiaoming)

We are ordinary simple gens, not generous returns, less glorious title, we with children, with the bell. (the third kindergarten of chengdu Li Zhenghua)

Since the winner is strong, men. Overcome others just have the power, and overcome their own talent is strong. (Peng Zhoushi tongji town center school ma yong)

Low life every piece of the truth and fantasy, don't throw, pick up words patched up, is the one page flash life. (chengdu yulin primary hu yu)

Low education, teaching for teachers to provide a display their knowledge, talent, personality charm of the stage. Class is a show, wonderful performance need actors have excellent acting, successful teaching requires teachers to have high level of teaching art.

Seventh middle school Shi Yuchuan (chengdu),

Love the implement in the concrete actions, the good impressed on the mind of students, writing in the blue sky, the ideal part, I will - draw the rainbow in my heart.

(chengdu tourism vocational school qi hong)

Low, a school all education; The teacher no section, always is model.

(chengdu station north primary school LengYongDe)

Good if I can stand three feet platform every day, teacher's career will be like in the trees of the field of natural, healthy, like fields of flowers and fruit firmness, aromatic.

(20 middle school of chengdu Liu ying)

Maybe a greeting word, can make children lose confidence rekindle the fire of hope; Perhaps a common touch, can let a child of frustrated "death" back to "life". Richard, sincere, love the three complement each other. As the precondition, honest reasoning line, the mood in the note. Love is better than and the sciences, rational more affectionate. (chengdu country shuanglin elementary school Cao Qinrong)

The teacher is who? She should be a mirror of the students and the students behind a big tree, is the source of students' knowledge, is the student upward momentum, is the student tired get sleepy warm harbor. (PI county no.1 middle school Li Xiaolan)

With vigor, infiltrating burging clean and pure mind, let them blossom a countless beautiful flowers, comfort and pleasing to the eye, that is happiness. (WenJiang 2. Yuan Cheng) in our school there are the good green: Guo Jiu qing, li bin, byalick, Song Changgui, RanMengLie, Tan Xijiang, Tian Deyi, Li Xianjiang, etc.

Education is a complex, full of poetic flavour; But the rule is simple, can be clear at a glance. Success of statistical rule is ent "ten years", namely from the beginning of the teachers' professional training, to become the outstanding young teachers, an average of 10 years. Starting on normal university, teachers college, graduate study respectively 3 ~ 4 years; City of outstanding young teachers more than 7 years of teaching experience is about 80%. Therefore, starting from the teacher's professional training, to become outstanding young teacher. An average of 10 years. Research conclusions of the book: "look from age, primary school teachers at this time is about 27 to 30 years old, high school teachers to 30 to 33 years old, is the most energized. In 7 ~ 10 years of education teaching practice, generally experienced one to three teaching cycle and also accumulated certain experience, one of the outstanding person began to stand out. According to the domestic and foreign related research shows that in this age group teachers began to maturity, which accords with the results of our survey." According to the statistical analysis of Chinese and foreign outstanding talents, from the professional training to the first-class contribution, at least 10 years. We will be referred to as "ten years ents law".

The path to success is diverse, but there are indispensable and insurmountable quality and process. Study mainly embodied in the characteristics of excellent young teachers attitude, personality, three aspects of learning. Attitude towards the profession: love and passion; The attitude of students, respect and sincere. Personality traits: the steadfast and creation, self-confidence and self-reliance, tolerance and sincere, democracy and cooperation. Organic combination characteristics of learning: knowledge and accomplishment, and has set up the consciousness and behavior of education concept, build a relatively complete system of subject knowledge, have certain knowledge of education and literacy, has a wide range of knowledge and a wide field of vision. How to achieve these qualities? ? 0 city bureau of education in the law of success? We can be summarized as: study of law, law of development, the integration. I did not become the destruction and degradation of teachers, or because the basic to follow the rule.

Second, the teachers' self-development, ents ents and one hundred decade

Our ancestors have long recognized that "one year, setting a tree valley, ten years, than the trees; life, than the ents." (the right of the pipe, repair) later evolved into an idiom: "ten years trees, ents in one hundred." Have an eye for a decade and then planting trees, have one hundred eyes is training talents. "Tree" in one hundred, its original meaning is: "life, than the ents." Refers to people's education, to influence to life. "One hundred" is a person's "life". Ents evolved into today's "one hundred", namely "lifetime ents", "lifelong education". On the basis of scientific analysis, if in to see the development of the society as a whole, should add "taught" in one thousand, one thousand years of strategic vision will pay special attention to the education; Otherwise, the country and people are difficult to survival and development. Extinction, assimilation of ethnic majority does not have its own character, lack of education and enlightenment. People around the world so honor outstanding educator Confucius, so far the world has hundreds of Confucius institutes, is because he practice the ideology of the pipe and improved, truly the "ten years trees, ents in one hundred, one thousand trees teaching". Confucius (551 BC) from birth to this year (2010) for 2561 years, still affect long, isn't it worth our pondering? Confucius is "the first professional teachers" in the history of China, he pioneered is composed. Han dynasty west-han living in chengdu, is China's "first President", in the history of his first public schools. "Chambers" west-han dynasty from 141 BC, until today's "stone middle school", has been developed in 2150, becoming the miracle of educational history. This can't justify truth? One thousand tree."

"10 years of tree" is a statistical law. Starting from a professional training, until you reach the first-class professional level (experts) how long will it take? According to the ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, to 10 years. Germans research scientist Herbert Simon wrote: "in this issue with the several areas of research, we do know that even the most talented people also takes about 10 years to achieve first-class professional level." This is according to all kinds of experts of the institute of modern concluded. In ancient China, "scholar", and made outstanding contributions of each kind of talented person, and which one is not after "decade cold window" or "fine, fair, ten years is to"? Confucius summed up a law of a transition in every 10 years. Confucius is a model of lifelong learning, lifelong education. He said: we have five and ten volunteers to learn, thirty, forty and perplexity, fifty and around 50, 60 and sixties, the seventy and placing, no bounds. (" the analects of Confucius, a place for the second ") how do this words speak: 15 resolves to scholar, Confucius was in her 30 s foundation in the society, a firm foothold. After each after 10 years effort to a transition: 40 know anything in society is not confused; 50, know the laws of nature and the destiny of man; 60 years old can hear others judge true and false, right from wrong; 70 - year - old to want to do, and not beyond the rules.

Confucius through education practice, every 10 years is a big step, be constantly development. Said to modern teachers can symmetrically, 20, 30 in music teaching, there are 50 books, create and 60 plum the whole country, 70 use, not fatigue.

High school teachers are mostly higher normal college, according to the future needs and requirements, if continue to study, after 3 years of master's level, then through 3 years up to PhD level. In other words, normal college graduates after six years of education to PhD level. Whether people PhD is a good teacher? Of course not. So, on one hand we should attach importance to education, the basic education should have unified requirements; On the other hand, we can't superstitious degree, but should pay more attention to practical ability, attaches great importance to the work experience.

A teacher as long as the love education career, in the teaching practice and learn, teach, while research, truly, "learning by doing" "in teaching", "r" in, according to Mr Tao xingzhi advocated as "teaching", will hold for 10 years in a big step. The teacher's on-the-job self-study, improving quality, is so important. Once teachers a higher level, basic can get government must promptly, WenJiang area development talent, superior green, expert, leader and teacher selection, now rising, the identity of the society, schools encourage, is to promote teachers' self-development powerful outside force. Each teacher is likely to be successful, every teacher is likely to create, as long as to do, as long as the heart. Teachers to teach, students willing to learn, student development, have ambition, teachers have achievement, the teachers can become better.

"10 years of tree" is a statistical law. Someone will ask: "why I am after 10 years of effort, but did not become a good teacher?" If within 10 years, you are truly, truly, to teacher's professional is "serious", "heart", "responsible", "well", is sure to achieve first-class "professional level". Some judge on the excellent teachers; Have reached the first-class professional level, because the quota restrictions, no awarded the title of "excellent teacher", but in the minds of students, colleagues, parents, already is good teacher. Called virtual, know for real; Plum, speechless, XiaZiChengQi.

The improvement of education quality, it is depend on the real good teachers, also rely on a more solid nameless good teachers work together and achieve.

Ent "ten years" is a statistical rule, not everyone is so. For every teacher, there are individual differences. Some people do it already become, some people was a late bloomer. After some people first consciousness, some people consciousness; Some people are very well, some people are very twists and turns; Some people prosperity, some people adversity and so on. Success process must be diversified, but as long as a teacher hold for 10 years of efforts, can achieve the first-class specialized level, this is for sure, this is the same in difference, so we call it regularly.

"10 years of cultivating law" give us two revelation: first, must concentrate, 10 years of continuous efforts, can achieve the first-class specialized level, become a good teacher. Ten years, is not short. Second, from work to retirement, there are several ten years, every one could reach the first-class specialized level, become a good teacher. Ten years is not long.

Three, three teachers, they rule

American psychologist posner (G.J.P osener) teacher growth formula:

= + experience growth

There is a kind of idea, than the above formula is more complex, the teacher growth formula is:

Growth = + theory (practice) + (+ experience + + (integration spread)


Learning law of development of law integration

First of all, it must be good at learning. From the practice of middle school, from books, from the cooperation school, want to combine theory with practice. This is the foundation of success.

Second, must be good at development. From positive and negative experience, and constantly reflect on adjustment, in the inheritance of innovation, sustainable development efforts. "Development is the absolute principle".

Third, must be good at integrating. Will own superiority accumulates, will own experience together, at the same time learn to timely communication transmission, get social acceptance. How to teach, go to class, when the center spokesman, writing a paper, to write a book, is not problem for to sell yourself? How to!

Study of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign outstanding talents of the path to success, can be summarized as three rules: one is the learning law; Second is the development of the law; The third is to integrate the law.

1, learning law

People who want to success, must be good at learning. First of all, should not only learn book knowledge, but also learning experience knowledge (direct experience and indirect experience). Learning is others can't replace, must rely on their efforts. Learning is not isolated, must ask others. Second, learning to promote innovation, and improve learning. Learning is related to knowledge and innovation ability, knowledge and innovation to promote each other. Love is the best teacher, willing to improve efficiency. Third, the study and practice is indivisible, "and when studies custom it is very important," learned to internalize, want to combine teaching with the platform. Teaching and learning are mutual promotion, teaches is the best. Teach to learn it well, the high school curriculum reform, not learn? Should have to learn, to study well. study hard and make progress every day Be insatiable in learning and teaching. This is likely to become a creative ability outstanding talents.

Learning law available expressed as a formula:

The fun - hard - fun again

First of all to have fun in learning and to love; Through hard efforts, including learning knowledge, participate in practice, lessons, to succeed, thus can get more fun. Fun is through hard work, contribution, innovation, after the success of pleasure. On the basis of fun to learn, form a virtuous cycle, so as to make greater contributions to the more innovative, more successful, become recognized as a great talent.

2, the development law of

Everyone want to success, there is a development process: first, must be in morality, intelligence and physique, us, fatigue is harmonious development, become a qualified personnel. Good for this, health first, to sustainable development. Second, efforts to study, the thorough practice, become skilled talents. A professional morality and social morality, to sustainable development. Third, any a major innovation is to undergo a long "FenFei", tell us statistics, passes through more than 10 years of concentrated effort, openness, communication, fluctuation, away from the equilibrium state, as well as step by step, and to go beyond, leap, improved, sustainable development, this might become a outstanding talents have innovation ability.

The development law of available expressed as a formula:

Inheritance to tolerance, innovation

First of all, to lay a solid foundation, inheriting predecessors' achievements, wide knowledge, physical and mental health, become a qualified personnel; Secondly, to master a foreign professional, should tolerate "" thought and their exponents in this area has been achieved, a specialized personnel; Third, we should in-depth understanding of innovation: open to innovation, communication for innovation, and to innovation, away from the equilibrium state to innovation. In spite of to have his own opinion and to, outstanding talents of the key is to have the significant innovation.

3, integration of law

Everyone want to success, must will lay a solid foundation, personality development, and promote the creation together, be short of one cannot. First, lay a solid foundation, including life, work, knowledge foundation, must constantly improve the comprehensive quality, including ideological and moral quality, culture, scientific quality, psychological quality, labor skills quality, aesthetic innovation body quality, emphasis on integrating these qualities; Second, to learn, ask, think, bian, line together, should be developed to teaching, requirements to really good beauty, unified to mingde together just common sense. Attaches great importance to the development of individual character, action and what, is good at choosing, raise, the right to refuse the evil, to innovate, strive to learned deep designed; Third, emancipate the mind, and began to work, diligent about contribution, emphasis on practice. Must be good at dialectical integration, and vertical and horizontal integration, system integration, to learn how to integrate the results of exchanges and communication, it could become innovation ability outstanding talents.

Integration of law available expressed as a formula:

He learned - deep and knowledgeable

Only knowledgeable, may deep designed; Only special deep, probably true; Designed to integrate, just may have to create and contribution. Formula of general knowledge, is the first "learned" the second "deep specially is the deep dedicated professionals," the third "knowledge" is a learned person of outstanding ability. On the basis of knowing further deep designed again, form a virtuous cycle, so as to drill deeper, gain a broader, innovation.

There is no limit to learning, there is no limit to development, there is no limit to integration. Ent once understood the "10 years of law" and "law", "law", "law", every teacher can become a good teacher - the title is valued in your students in the heart to give you more, Confucius was alive when no one awarded him the title of outstanding teachers, but now people all over the world now is a good teacher - all teachers who recognized that.

Young teachers, for our common cause, trying to do!