"Four strokes" to improve their own immunity

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When each person is born physically Yu brings a world's best " doctor" - immune system immune system is one of the eight systems of the body including bone her , thymus , lymph nodes, spleen , tonsils , appendix , and lymphocytes . the main function is to fend off disease vaccine , virus and other pathogens and toxins on the human body in any attack .
The immune system as a trained Faso, brave and tenacious " elite troops ." Every time people dip diseases are very sophisticated way with its combined operations , the protection of our body . Enhance immunity . Was reinforced this " elite troops combat capability. , to better protect our bodies from disease problems. quiet under normal conditions , the body will free white sputum immune function will move to adjust to an appropriate level.
However, when machines break with compromised immune systems , such as free seat capacity decreased cell responses , such as immune cells will lead to decreased production of the body's resistance to disease is greatly reduced, often feel as labor , often prone to respiratory or gastrointestinal infections. Disease is not a day formation. Health neither are able to return. The body needs daily care so . Establish a correct concept is very to weigh . Then use the following "four strokes" continue to strengthen our own immune system to maintain and enhance the body 's health.
To sleep enough
Sleep length in Austin days, hours for the best , in addition to t can eliminate fatigue. Engender new vitality , but also to improve their immune system , enhance the ability of the disease is closely related arrived in Hangzhou , while consideration astonishing lack of sleep can induce a variety of diseases . during sleep phagocytosis in human blood leukocytes will be enhanced , T cells and B cells were significantly increased , T cells are the body 's immunity commander , B cells are the body immunity Busters . If you often stay up late , get adequate sleep , the number of small cells will reduce the probability of illness will follow Shan added . The study found that the average stay up late to make the activity of immune cells BU next fall 2K%. Study shows that a good night's sleep can contribute to leukocytosis , giant taste cell activity . Allowing any human pathogens promptly destroyed this end . must re- estimate the value of sleep , since sleep is resistant to the first line of defense against disease. people should give priority to sleep more than anything else , do not play a blind date in order to force seeking " nightlife " leaving sleep " overdraft" , do not open light sleep people must obtain sufficient and good sleep every day. good sleep .
To regular exercise
No matter what age crowd . Should take part in physical exercise to Po strong physique . Study found . Shake yao sports 30-45 minutes. Masking weeks 5 days . Lasted 12 weeks, the immune cells of several months will increase. arrived in Hangzhou force will be increased accordingly , can effectively enhance the body's own immune system. When the winter , many children are off in the room to ask where . Rarely go outside to play and exercise, physical fitness will decline , resistance will be weakened, some infectious diseases will take into account the door.
Regular exercise can make people absorb several times more common than ten times the board makes the blood circulation, can greatly reduce excess body fat , the body can greatly reduce the secretion of some excited seek ; . Promise can change a person's mood , elimination of melancholy and tired pick. reduce the psychological claw force . Therefore, the pain can be effectively Hang strike cells play for cancer prevention River . Interferon is subject to viruses in human cells . A quick out of the naturally occurring pluripotent most minimal protein , a good therapeutic effect can occur within hours . Experiments show when the body is in motion. Hourly secretion from the blood out of interferon than flat
To add more than 1 times Shan , while thousands of anti- virus and disturbing the water capacity of anti-A , has already been confirmed in the observation . To promote men and women participate in regular physical exercise, correct the current multi- old retired physical refining suck team, " Weak . Abnormal situation. Care must be exhausted moderate exercise, leisure in good spirits after refining , do not feel tired as the standard also frequently wiped his chest, clothing clothes back, squeezed ridge , so you can activate immune cells chest and back protection even tell you a prostitute parties : the hands , " big fish " first with one hand rubbing each other stationary. another massage, and then swap to do . every 1-2 minutes can enhance human immunity. enhance the ability of Yufeng cold .
To rational nutrition
Nutrition is both reasonable Street various systems , including the human immune system to function properly , including the basic guarantee seal and material basis . Improve the body resistance "green channel. Immune systems . Adequate back support to maintain immunity synthesis of cell metabolism and immune substances. the human immune system and proteins and a variety of micro- nutrients in the "back support ' are closely related. eating Ni causes the body defenses are weakened early , on the one hand due to the prone body metabolism, will greatly agent weak human leukocyte phagocytosis . On the other hand due to the quiet thread prone to instability , through the nerve points
Regulate secretion leading to lymphopenia . Resistance decreased .
Protein is the main component of white blood cells and antibodies. Back when the protein malnutrition . Structure of tissues and organs of the immune system are subject to different degrees of impact . Allows the number of T cells and B cells greatly reduced, decreased immune function . After the improvement of the quality of the eggs from the past nutritional status , immune function can be restored. Vitamin A has " anti-infective vitamin family ," said, it is in maintaining normal growth and differentiation of epithelial cells plays a very important role to maintain skin integrity, prevent bacteria , viruses belonging to the cat , person wearing , to maintain the activity of the normal intestinal barrier was required of vitamin a and D , B cells produce about . The study found a lack of vitamin A can cause children to seek increased incidence of infectious diseases of the serious consequences of living home B6, vitamin practice : lack of T cells and can lead to self- A killer cell activity decreased . Proud of the amount of elemental zinc to maintain normal T-cell function and other functions of the free , zinc deficiency can cause the spleen to reduce IR children , atrophy of the thymus , T cell death. Iron deficiency can lead to T cell address, and the number of antibodies (immunoglobulins ) in lowering the intake of vitamin C sufficient to improve white blood levels and T cells, antibodies and interferon : throughput can be improved taste cell activity, the body and participate in Hang synthesis , help prevent a variety of human pathogens battle . vitamin n play an important role in the human immune- respect, it is immune cells and T cells to steep fine attack of viruses and other foreign matter . commander . " without vitamin DT cells even sonar to foreign matter will not take action. still be inactive .
Overseas studies have shown that people over the age of .45 more than one kind taking daily vitamin and mineral supplements for one year. Bite makes 40% reduction in infection rates of infectious diseases , therefore , we must pay attention to proper nutritional balance brain food. Eating time rule, not partial eclipse picky eaters . eat omnivorous , eating pan eat fish , eggs , beans, mushrooms , milk , cheese , yogurt , dates, arrest worship , honey, yam, garlic , fresh fruit thinning and other foods that provide the body Cao immune system needed to keep the material not want. immune system to prevent disease and build the "Great Wall ." but you eat to avoid health products .
To Mental Health
The body's immune system is like a spring , Xerox will make appropriate flexibility and better ; whereas if long continued pressure will greatly reduce its elasticity different mental states can enhance or inhibit the function of the immune system, but the long-term chronic . stress weakens the body's free handsome features that make cell aging faster , leading to shortened life expectancy 4-8 years .
Good mental state can strengthen the immune system , optimism bite to make the human body in an optimal immune status . Studies show that mental state by norepinephrine, 5- color limb diameter neurotransmitter produced a dominant role on immune organs . Positive state of mind to make such a dominant role in enhancing thereby increasing the antibody . On the contrary . Poor mental state free bite to weaken the system recover from illness .
Overseas study found . Positive or negative human emotions . Make people do the strength of the immune system to produce . Laugh make significant increase in interferon , immune cells and increasing. Moreover immune cells become more active. Musical bite to increase Hang Yau stained and pain of antibodies , choir members to participate in the rehearsal , they kind of immunoglobulin levels in the body increased by 150% .
Good social relationship helps fight stress . Reduce stress. Immune cell function. Friend and more people , not only is not easy to catch a cold. Immune function is also eccentric personalities than good . With a positive and optimistic attitude towards life. Seeking to adjust the level of cortical excitation drunk and adrenaline secretion due to stress while enhancing the body 's immune system .
"Confidence is half of life ." Heart disease need to overcome the confidence and perseverance. A study Kwan deer Disorders Association show that about Chuan % of Temple 's disease patients. Heal without any treatment or receiving less the therapy situation , the cancer once spontaneous regression rarely relapse . Human blood have a its anti- " transfer factor " cancer ingredient. it " wakes up" free handsome human cells and thus remove the body fight cancer , so experts believe drum good pit pain medicine is a white body immunity. harmony is the temple of the human immune system disease spontaneous regression of the main reasons. And top made ​​of human malignancies is not dependent on the eventual elimination of chemical drugs and radiation . Instead to rely on to solve the immune and ho .
Overly negative and pessimistic personality and emotions will cause reduced immunity . Through the newly widowed depression research . Discover their T cells and B cells are a significant inhibition of their activity levels only half of normal lymphocytes . Therefore widowed easy to get sick .
Therefore . To improve human immunity must be actively spit psychological health . Cultivate an interest . Listen to music or singing. Cross Sanwuzhiji . Society moderately reduce stress. Less dander , keeping quiet thread stable. Born , then optimism .